Creative workers and their talents are valuable assets in the global economy. Creativity is becoming the magic word, magic ingredient, in innovation driven economy of 21st century. It is the new leading sector in the global market, co-existing and crossing with other sectors of economy, like tourism for example, contributing to their growth as well. Creativity and the arts are becoming crucial assets in supporting innovation.

As Matisse once said “Creativity takes courage”.

If you have certain creative skills and talents, be brave to develop them, shape them and offer to the world.

CCIs make strong impact on cultivation of local talents, culture and creative heritage, by fostering cultural diversity, and generating creative and culture capital. One of the core values of CCI is that everybody matters and everyone is worth. Talent and creativity do not recognize the borders. CCIs are bridging and connecting different parts of society and different territories. They enhance social inclusion, build closer intercultural links, and develop a sense of common belonging based on our cultural diversity and common heritage.

Creative industries foster cultural diversity, and generate creative and culture capital of society.

Creativity and arts support innovation driven economy.


Which are the core value of creative industries and why are they important for societies and communities?

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