A digital educational toolkit that targets entrepreneurship trainers

To reach its goals, it comprises the following online learning tools:
    Introduction to the Creative Talent Factory web-platform for Learners as a tool for adult educators for running “Creative Entrepreneurial Local workshop
  • How to use Set of OERs “Creative Entrepreneurial Motivation and Empowerment” for marketing of the training course and pre-selection of the learners
  • How to use Assessment tool and Digital badge to facilitate validation process of obtained within “Creative Talent Factory” training course competences and skills
  • Effective implementation of the E- training programme “Creative Talent Factory
  • Methodology and the training plan for running the “Creative Entrepreneurs Local workshop
The toolkit’s aim is to extend and develop educators’ competences needed for effectively running the training of adult learners, including those with disadvantaged background, to help them become successful creative entrepreneurs. The kit can be used freely by any educational institute that is interested in incorporating it into its curricula.
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